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  • Music Monday #2: SUBJECT TO CHANGE Is Here

    Happy Monday everyone! It’s been a long day of work in the big smoke for me today, but that has meant plenty of time to blast tunes in the car. I, of course, made sure everything was synced and up to date before I took my screenshots for today’s post!

    My listening choices this weekend have been mostly contained to the new Kelsea Ballerini album, SUBJECT TO CHANGE, which I’m not ready to stop talking about yet, and Brad Paisley & Morgan Evans, getting myself ready for the gig on Thursday. I’m so keen to be going back to live music!

  • It’s A Giant Book Haul

    Twice a year, there is a magical event in Bendigo for book lovers. It runs for a whole long weekend – one at Easter (during the Easter Festival) and now recently a second one has been added over the Grand Final long weekend. It’s the Book Fair, run by the Y Service Club of Bendigo, selling not only thousands of secondhand books, CDs and DVDs, but also donating the money raised to community groups. Most books are priced $2-$5 and they just keep refilling the tables with more. You could go back at different times throughout the weekend and find different titles.

  • Weekly Wander #2

    It’s Saturdaaaaaay which usually makes me very happy but this week Saturday means our four day long weekend is half over – I’ll try not to be sad about that. It’s been a productive & busy couple of days, and the in-laws just left, so it’s time for blogging and a movie and letting the house go back to being unorganised and (slightly) chaotic.

  • TRILOGY REVIEW: The Prison Healer

    BEWARE: Minor spoilers ahead

    I finished the last book in The Prison Healer trilogy a week and a half ago, and I swear I haven’t stopped thinking of it since. I read The Prison Healer and book two, The Gilded Cage, when they were released and really enjoyed them, but when I reread them the other week I really fell hard into the world created by Lynette Noni. This is how these books were meant to be read, all at once, at breakneck speed.

  • Music Monday #1: Meet my iTunes

    Here is something weird and maybe a little technologically backward about me – I still cultivate and maintain my iTunes. I have a free Spotify account, but my heart lies with iTunes and I live in fear that one day I’ll turn on my laptop and it will have disappeared!

    Maybe I’m just a creature of habit. Maybe I like that it contains my music history, and what feels like a good chunk of my personality, since I was 15. It’s jumped with me across different laptops and a lot of my original stats like play count have been replaced over the years, but I still just…like it! And I won’t give it up.

  • Weekly Wander #1

    To really start developing this blog writing habit, I thought a good jumping off point would be a weekly wrap-up of … just stuff really, let’s be honest! This week I have been…

  • When you finally stop talking about something…

    …and actually do it!

    Blogging has been on my mind and on my to-do list for a while now, and finally I have taken the leap! I’m 100% sure it doesn’t seem like a big deal at all, but it feels like a step in the right direction for me.